Personalized ambient music at low cost!

Diversified and adapted ambient music enhances your customers’ experience and promotes their engagement. Our music bank contains dozens of genres and more than 40,000 songs. This bank is constantly updated to include the various new releases in the market.

We will build a musical program adapted to your clientele with a variance in rhythm based on the time of day. We can also provide different programming for each region and even for each site! No more competing advertising in your establishment. No more inappropriate music for your clientele. Personalize your programming by adding a few messages to identify your brand, provide information or engage in promotion.

You now have access to corporate radio in your image, at very low cost! As an add-on to our digital signage service or through our SAAS ambient music service, M’Pact ambient music will reflect your image.

M'Pact meets the highest copyright standards. Our ambient music services include payment of fees to the following organizations: SOCAN, Connect Music Licensing (AVLA), SOPROQ, CMMRA-SODRAC and RESound.

In SAAS mode, the monthly service also includes:

M'Pact support centre;
Remote monitoring service.

If you have ambient music needs, we can help.

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