Display solutions to improve your internal communications

Digital signage supports more effective communication with audiences, primarily because the message is targeted. It can easily be changed over time and is much more stimulating that a static display that changes only once a month, for example. Digital signage replaces traditional communication tools such as bulletin boards or displays and easily reaches employees who have no workstation. The screen’s colours, contrast and action draw greater attention. You can then focus on producing eloquent messages tailored to your audience.

A few sample uses:

  • Disseminate information internally – corporate or union messages, health and safety, announcements, anniversaries, etc.;
  • Consolidate “branding” – a private digital display network to promote the trademark and built a reputation;
  • Improve the work environment – informative and entertaining content;
  • Support your operations – automated display of your internal data.

A few clients who use our digital signage for their internal communications:

A few benefits of digital signage:

  • Increase attention levels
  • Reach more people
  • Create a modern work environment
  • Reduce spending on traditional communication tools (paper, displays, etc.)

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