Newad is the Canadian leader in indoor display advertising for the highly sought-after Young & Affluent segment. Its specialized RestoBar, Campus, Arena, Fashion, Business and Wellbeing networks drive 45,000 digital and static panels in 5,000 targeted establishments in Canada.


Newad was looking for a smart digital panel to replace its static displays installed in bar and restaurant washrooms in major Canadian cities (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton).


M’Pact handled the engineering, design, assembly and rollout of a digital signage solution monitored by a powerful management console. The roughly 1,100 panels now in operation can be closely monitored through an on-board system that manages temperature, ventilation, start-up and full shut-down of the panel to guarantee stability. This tailor-made solution is usually connected to a cellular telecommunications network designed by our experts and partly hosted by M'Pact..


With these unique panels, Newad can carry out its plan to install 4,000 digital panels by the end of 2016.


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