Financial institutions

Digital signage provides many benefits for your financial institution. Specifically, it can:

  • Capture your customers’ attention;
  • Develop communication that targets your specials and features;
  • Control your messages in real time or program your content;
  • Integrate various sources of information (weather reports, news, TV signal, etc.);
  • Enhance the customer’s experience by integrating personalized ambient music;
  • Reduce perceived waiting time;
  • Help your institution stand out from the competition;
  • Project a modern brand image;
  • Reduce your expenses on traditional communication tools (paper, displays, etc.).

We provide digital signage solutions that are proven, affordable and easy to use. Our plans and packages are flexible and have been developed to meet the needs of financial institutions.

A few clients in this sector:

Desjardins, Banque Laurentienne

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