Hospitals and clinics

In the healthcare sector, digital signage can play a key role to enhance your clients’ overall experience and expand communication channels with care-giving staff. Specifically, it can:

  • Communicate with your patients and visitors about your services and the care available;
  • Stimulate your foundation programs;
  • Raise visitors’ awareness of emergency procedures and hygiene measures;
  • Improve the client experience by including entertainment;
  • Foster smooth traffic flow and direct visitors to key locations;
  • Reduce perceived waiting time;
  • Optimize your internal communications with staff (indicators, operational messages, reminders, social messages);
  • Control your messages in real time or program your content;
  • Display the progress of appointments in real time;
  • Generate additional revenue through advertising programs on your digital signage network;
  • Reduce your expenses in traditional communication tools (paper, displays, etc.).

We offer digital signage solutions that are proven, affordable and easy to use. Our plans and packages are flexible and have been developed to meet the needs of hospitals and clinics.

A few clients in this sector:

Institut de cardiologie, CHU de Sainte-Justine, CHU de Québec, Hôpital Charles-Lemoyne, Hôpital Pierre Boucher, CSSS de la Côte-Nord

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